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honey show 2013
The deadline for receipt of applications to participate is 01/05/2013, a confirmation will be sent to you with the request of some documents to obtain visas for participants from outside the Kingdom in 5/5/2013. Priority will be for the exhibitors of tools and accessories for bees.
Targeted participants:
Participation is open to all those interested in beekeeping from inside and outside Saudi Arabia such as companies and institutions producing beekeeping supplies or individuals with the creativity and ideas related to the development of the beekeeping profession.
Target participants:
1 - Beekeeping tools and supplies.
2 – Food stuff or therapeutics used in beekeeping that are approved for use inside or outside Saudi Arabia.
3 – Honey Bees by-products (royal jelly, pollen, propolis, beeswax, Venom).
4 - Honey (permitted for participants from different regions of the Kingdom - The participants from outside the Kingdom and importers of honey are permitted to exhibit samples of their product).
5 - Any creative ideas that can be developed from beekeeping.
6 - Any information relevant to beekeepers can be presented in the seventh national meeting of beekeepers accompanying the festival.
Advantages of participating in the exhibition:
1 - The opportunity to introduce and promote your products.
2 – Meet a large segment of the beekeepers, traders and companies working in the field of beekeeping supplies.
3 - Meet researchers and people interested in the profession of beekeeping.
4 - Participation in the free tourist trip in the Baha area.
5 - A free visa to one participant from each institution, company or entity or owner of a new idea will be granted. Accommodation for the participant will be provided at low costs (free housing may be available for the participant and we will inform you of this later).
6 – A space of 2 x 3 meter or two bots will be provided to each exhibitor with a table and a chair as per your request.
7 – The best exhibitor will be award by the Prince of Baha area.
Terms of participation in the exhibition:
1 – Exhibitors should specify the products and quantities of Beekeeping tools and supplies that will be exhibited and committed to the provision of these products defined in his request letter.
2 - The exhibitor shall prepare posters and other advertising materials representing his institution or company.
1 - Participants from outside the Kingdom: priority will be given to early registrars and those who exhibit innovations and inventions or exhibitors of tools and accessories for beekeeping and bee products other than honey.
2 - Participant from inside and outside Saudi Arabia are requested to comply with the following instructions in order to benefit from the features available for this year and years to come, God willing:
A / Specify the types and quantities which will presented in the exhibition and stated in the letter of request.
B / Participants shall comply with the rules of the festival and be present at the exhibition all the time (from opening hours to closing ceremony).
C / Participants from outside the Kingdom are prohibited from participation in any other event or festival during his visit without prior permission from the society.
For more information please contact us at our e-mail, some information will be posted at the society website

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