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Thursday 29 June 2017
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Dwarf honeybees ( Apis florea): 1) It is the smallest species of honey bee. Woker weight is 32 mg. 2) mean individual number in the colony reaches to 600 3) The aggressiveness is low. 4) Foraging area extended to 3 km. Distribution of Dwarf bees in Saudi Arabia: At the first time, 1985 little bees was recorded in Riyadh and rapidly spread to Al Kharj and east region ( Al- jobialy, Al-hasa, Al-kadif, Al-kaseem, Jeddah, Makkah, Taif) Distribution of Dwarf bees in Arab Countries: The little bees are recorded in some arab countries such as Oman, Sudan, Emarat , Qatar , Kuwait, Yemen and Iraq. Places of Dwarf bees: The little bees are found on open places as offices and houses. Also, there are on the trees growing in the farms, houses and streets. Behaviour of Dwarfbees: It builds one frame in open place and reaches to 10×10 cm during one week and 20×40cm during one month. Most colonies were found on 1-3 high. Some colonies are found at windows glass in the third floor. 1) Bees leave its nest when some pests as ants attack them or when temperature of the air decrease or increase to high degree over the normal rate. 2) Before the bees leave the nest, they eat all stored food (honey and pollen). Some times, they return to the nest to collect wax. Honey of Dwarf bees: 1) honey production for each colony is very small it ranged between 200-900 gm/colony. 2) Characteristics of honey depends on the nest place and time of extraction and plant source. 3) Some workers in Riyadh collect the little bees nests and extract honey. They sell honey by 200 SR

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