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Thursday 29 June 2017
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Local produced honey is used by most consumers as medical treatment before using it for feeding. For this reasons, the customers try to obtain a good honey with high price. Honey is varied in its colour, aroma and gust with the differences of its plant source. In Saudi Arabia, there are many types of honey. For example: Honey: its price range between 250-500 SAR Honey:Then comes the samara  honey that up prices of 150-300 rails per kilo,: its price range between 200-350 SAR Honey: its price range between 300-700 SAR Honey: its price range between 300-700 SAR Honey: its price range between 300-600 SAR ِِ Another honeys are produced in middle east and north regions as clover honey and multiflower honey which collected from Al Rawdat after rainfall season. There is a competition between local and imported honeys specially honey imported from Turkey, Kashmir and yemen. Some producers sell the imported honeys under trade mark as local honeys or mixed the imported honeys with local honeys to sell it by high price. Some bee keepers use the artificial feeding with sugar syrup during main flowering period and sell the produced honey after feeding as a local honey to obtain high income. The majority of beekeepers extract honey by traditional method as described by attached pictures- some beekeepers who own modern lives using modern method to extract honey, some modern potels from glass and plastic are used for selling and marketing honeys

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