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Thursday 29 June 2017
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bees Strain   in the Kingdom has been classified as of Yemen bees trace strain  (Ruttner, 1976
Yemeni honey bee race:

Characteristics: Yemeni honey bee race ( Apis melliflora jemntica) is one of small races. It lives at different levels, at mountains and valley. It was found in northern part of Oman, north and south Yemen. Also, it is present in the province of Asia in western Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Ethiopia and Somalia. It has high ability against wax warms beside its adaptation under the dominant environmental conditions.

Morphological characters:
Yemeni honey bee race has small size. It is the most yellow of all races known. So far, it has a minimum length of the proboscis (5.12mm), fore wing and hind wing. Relatively, queen has a large size.
Size of worker cells: number of worker cells is 4.5 cells/ cm2.

Queen activity in laying eggs and brood rearing activity:
Yemeni queen has high fecundity. It lays number of eggs from 537-1200 eggs per day. Brood area reaches its maximum during October, November and minimum in January. Drones production extends through the year and reaches its maximum in October. A significant correlation existed between drones production and rearing of queen cells during the active season.
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