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Thursday 29 June 2017
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Decline of bee forage Neglect and decline of bee forage in the same time of increasing number of honey bee colonies in the last years give a necessary need to keep the bee forage and developing it to obtained a good pasture areas suitable for the numbers of honey bee colonies which determined by million colonies. It is very necessary that the specialist and government do any thing to solve the problem. It is very important that the consultants of Agriculture and committee of forests management prepare a suggestion to keep the bee forage and developing it. Some factors affecting bee forage decline: 1. Cutting the trees which considere the main source as a bee forage in Saudi Arabia 2. Cutting the trees for using in Industry 3. Devastation is observed in some valleys which caused after building dams as which happened in Aseer and Al-Baha regions. 4. Construction of ways randomly through the forests 5. Desolation is of bee forage by animals and camels. Suggested subjects which will be taken in consideration 1. It is important to record a list of local and imported plants used by honey bee and adapted under different conditions. 2. Draw agriculture programs by ministry of agriculture to produce honey plants and offers for beekeepers in all kingdom regions. 3. Carrying out programs for cultivating the forage areas and help the beekeepers to protect Their from any demolish. 4. Condense The cultivation in places and valleys where the bee plants successfully grow 5. It is necessary to introduce the bee forage in forest strategy 6. Study of using protected areas for beekeeping industry.


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