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Thursday 29 June 2017
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Beekeeping industry firstly develops in all parts of Saudi Arabia by continuous offers by ministry of Agriculture, which prepared law to recognize the beekeeping industry and prepared strategy to develop the honeybees at last years. Ministry of Agriculture co-operates with consultant form King Saud University for dictation programs. Now, Specialists in Apiculture form staff members in Saudi universities help in research program and projects which aim to develop honey bee production and to solve the problems facing beekeeping industry. For beekeeping industry importance, some special directions were done to achievement the project belonging to this field as one of important sources for poor families income as a part form local programs in Saudi Arabia. Although, in Saudi Arabia some environmental problems are facing the beekeeping industry such as dryness, insufficient rain which affecting on bee forage area, increasing temperature degree during summer season in some zones and decreasing it during winter under 0 degree in anthers parts, dusting during some periods of the year. Also, infestation of honey bee apiaries by diseases and pests causes the weakness of honey bee colonies sharply. We hope that the ministry of Agriculture increases its attention for beekeeping industry by offering the specialist for apiaries / direction in the main areas beside decreasing the prices of materials and equipment used in this field and helping beekeepers to use the modern methods in managements of honey bee colonies. Beekeepers play an effective role in developing beekeeping industry in Saudi Arabia. Some of them use traditional methods and depend on non specialist workers in their apiaries. All problems above help to decline and desolate the beekeeping industry in Saudi Arabia.

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