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Thursday 29 June 2017
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Bee forage:
Saudi Arabia extends on the area of 2,250000 km2 covered with different plant species. There are 2250 plant species have adapted and distributed at different zones. It's density mainly depends on quantity and season of the rains.Saudi Arabia has a different surface. There are high mountains as Sarawat mountain which extends 1000 km from south at kingdom at Yemeni border to north of Taif. It ranges between 800-3000 m higher up from the sea level. From the mountain some valleys extend from east and west as Jezan, Najran, Tetlet, Besha, Alhamd, Alrema, Yanbow and Fatma valley.The mountains are considered one of the main areas for beekeeping. The bee forage grow during spring and summer after rainfall season winter and at early spring. The annual rates are 400 mm in Jezan, 307.9 mm in Khamis mashat, 442.3 mm in Al nnmas and 368. 5 mm in Baljurashe.In the east part of Sarawat mountain at the extension of red sea, there is coast which extended about 1100 km length and 60 km width where the rain falldown during late autumn and winter with annual rate 100 mm.Beekeepers migrate during winter with their colonies from mountains area to Tahamah region where the weather and environment is favorable and a good pollen source is a variable which collected by honeybee colonies. It is very important for colonies abundant during this period after honey extraction season.Al- Rawdat is a foraging area, in north and middle region in Saudi Arabia, grows after rainfall in autumn and winter. Flowering period continues for three months. Large number of plant species can find in this region such as:Plantago spp, Horwoodia dicksoniaAnisosciadium Lanatum, Picris babylonicaSchismus barbatus, Erodium LaciniatumAsphodelus tenuifolius, Medicago LaciniataThese species plants have short roots and short life cycles.
Several beekeepers depend on cultivate areas in honey production where the crops differ from area to another. Clover, sunflower, maize and sesame are the main crops beside to some spiny trees as Prosopis and Eucalyptus
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