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Medical and Therapeutic Uses of Bee Products
Scientific Evidences
Place: Great Hall – Faculty of Medicine – King Saud University
April, 24-25, 2011

Workshop Goals:

  • Increase the people knowledgment about the therapeutic uses of honeybee products.
  • Increase the awareness of the use of these products among the health care people.
  • Transfer of the medical technology that related to the bee products uses in the medical system in the advanced countries.
  • Showing of the laws and regulations that belong to the use of these products, in order to put a national plan to arrange it in Saudi Arabia.


Scales of the Workshop:

  • Medical uses of the bee products.
  • Legislation governing the use of bee products.
  • Standard specifications of bee products.


Speakers in this workshop:

A number of distinguished scientists and physicians in the field of treatment of bee products (Germany, Switzerland, Bulgaria, United States of America, France) will participate in this workshop, lectures on the medical uses of bee products will be introduced, in addition to the president of the Asian Beekeepers Association, a number of researchers from the kingdom universities, the Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Health, the authority of Food and Drug Administration, the General Authority for Specifications
And standards, and quality and other relevant authorities to display their research in this area.

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