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Thursday 29 June 2017
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These efforts had been spoiled earlier due to lack of coordination between them. Henceforth the Beekeeper Cooperative Association (BCA) was established and put it efforts in bridging between the people who are interested in bee keeping industry.
The aim of this association is to introduce the specialized person who may provide technical advices to maximize the benefits which is essential for bee industry. Theses assistance from the expert may also help in taking the right decision at the right time for such industry.
The specialized people are playing a vital role in integrating, unifying, and coordinating the beekeepers in the Kingdom which leads to serving the beekeeping industry for achieving its goal and also for upgrading of the products and its quality.
Therefore, BCA is pioneering and strengthening by serving the bee industry and plays leading as an interactive body for achieving the goal of bee industry not only in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia but in the Arab region as a whole.
 I have been assigned from the Arab beekeepers union to supervise the Arab beekeepers forum which allows me to lead from the front for progressing and achieving the success for the beekeeping industry.
 I am very glad this industry is substantially progressing by excellent training and feedback provided by the experts. We (association) all have learned a lot, and it has been very pleasant for having such cooperation and for its significant development and achievement.
I hope in having more support from the interested and from the specialized people for an extensive growth of beekeeping industry which may leads in achieving the goal set by the BCA.
I would also like to have the contributions and guidance from the expert in beekeeping not only from Saudi Arabia and but from the Arab region. The BCA’s regulations will be viable for such cooperation. Thank you once again.
Dr. Ahmad Al Khazim Al Ghamdy
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