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Thursday 29 June 2017
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Article :Consumption rate of some proteinic diets affecting    Author :Ahmad AlKazim Al-Ghamdi*, Abeer M. Al-Khaibari, Mohamed O. Omar
Date :2012-10-02Magazine :كرسي أبحاث النحلEvent:تربية النحل

The experiment was carried out under laboratory condition to study the consumption of some proteinic diets and their effect on hypopharyngeal glands (HPG) development during nursing period. The results showed that the bee bread and the pollen loads mixture with sugar (1:1) were more consumed by honeybee workers followed by Nectapoland Yeast-Gluten mixture. The low-est consumption amount was recorded with traditional substitute.
Clear differences were found in HPG development under feeding with different diets. The max-imum development degree was observed when fed with bee bread followed by pollen loads and mix-ture from Yeast, Gluten and sugar (1:1:2). The acinal surface of HPG showed clear difference under feeding with difference diets. The largest area was recorded when honeybee workers fed on bee bread followed by Yeast-Gluten-sugar mixture (diet,4) and pollen loads(diet,2). for more details

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