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Thursday 29 June 2017
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Honeybee Chair
Beekeeping in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Opportunities and Challenges 1

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a very large and interesting country about which many people would like to know more

Honeybee Chair
Beekeeping in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Opportunities and Challenges 2

In the second, and concluding, part of their article on beekeeping in The Kingdom of Saud iArabia the authors look in detail at the current apicultural scene in this vast land and assess the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and possible threats that lie ahead.

Honeybee Chair
Production of packages packed for export to bees
Honeybee Chair
Consumption rate of some proteinic diets affecting

The experiment was carried out under laboratory condition to study the consumption of some proteinic diets and their effect on hypopharyngeal glands

Honeybee Chair
The impact of nutrition alternatives pollen to stimulate honeybees

Known as pollen substitutes any food item protein can replace pollen as food for bees and do not contain any proportion of pollen

Honeybee Chair
Bee-Eating Birds

In a study in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on the impact of bee eater queens during pollination and on worker activity  and the strength of colony

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Economics of bees in a lecture of the Austrian Professor Karl Crailsheim
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Engineer Abdullah Bugshan chair for research in shared bees Saudi Exhibition for Agri-Food 2011
شارك كرسي المهندس عبدالله بقشان لابحاث النحل في المعرض الزارعي السعودي للاغذية الزراعية والذي اقيم خلال الفترة من 21 – 24 شوال 1432هـ الموافق 19 – 22 سبتمبر 2011م في نسخته الثلاثين، وذلك بإقامة ركن توعوي يُعنى بتعريف الزوار بالكرسي واهم انشطته وانجازاته ولقد ساهم الكرسي في المعرض من خلال طرحة عدد من النشرات [...]
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Michael Engler, professor in the chair, Mr. Abdullah's visit Bugshan Research Bees
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Engineer Abdullah Bugshan Chair for Research Professor Receives bees Murali Nair

Professor Murali Nair (from the University of Michigan in USA) has visited the Engineer Abdullah Buqshan Bee chair on Tuesday, 22 of Shawwal on 1432 Hejri, corresponding to 20th of September 2011, where he met with faculty members and graduate students chair and discussed with them the possibility of developing joint research projects with regard to aspects of therapeutic and nutritional products for honey bees products as well as some extracts.


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